GT-24 Digital Wireless Module 2.4G NRF24L01 PA LNA Industrial Grade 1100M Long Distance With Non-wel

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Model : GT-24
Module size: 30.3 × 14.5mm (including PCB antenna)
Operating frequency band: 2.4GHz ~ 2.525GHz (adjustable, 1MHz step)
Interface mode: 1*8*1.27mm/2*4*2.54mm (The patch can also be used with the universal board and DuPont line)
Supply voltage: DC 2.0-3.6V (Note: above 3.6V, the module will be permanently damaged)
Communication level : 0.7VCC ~3.3V (VCC refers to the module supply voltage)
Measured distance: 1000m (clear open space, maximum power, height 2m, 250k air speed)
Transmit power: 4 levels adjustable (maximum 20dBm, approx. 100mW at maximum power)
Air speed 250k ~ 2Mbps / 3 levels adjustable (250kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps)
Shutdown current: approx. 30uA (test condition: CE=0, power-down mode, VDD=3.0V)
Emission current: about 90mA (power supply capacity must be greater than 250m)
Receive current: about 20mA
Antenna form : PCB antenna / ipex carrier antenna
Communication interface : SPI maximum speed up to 10Mbps
Transmit length: Single packet 1~32 bytes Level 3 FIFO
Receive length : Single packet 1~32 bytes Level 3 FIFO
RSSI support : Not supported (only simple packet loss statistics are supported)
Receive sensitivity: -94dBm@250kbp
Working temperature: -40 ~ +85 °C (industrial grade)
Storage temperature: -40 ~ +125 °C (industrial grade)
- The GT-24 module is a 2.4GHz, 100mW, high speed (up to 2Mbps airspeed), high stability, industrial grade wireless transceiver integrated data transmission module.
- The module comes with a high-performance PCB antenna, precise impedance matching, and the nRF24L01P RF chip, which has higher reliability, more power levels, and longer transmission distance and lower power than the nRF24L01.
- Also built-in RFX2401 power amplifier chip, built-in LNA, receiving sensitivity increased by 10dBm, working in the ISM band of 2.4GHz~2.5GHz.
- The module has sufficient transmit power, good spectral characteristics, small harmonics, small channel crosstalk, and ultra-small size. It is a model of all Murata raw materials and industrial grade standards.
- It has a standard spacing of 2.54mm in-line interface and 1.27mm patch interface, which is convenient for users to use with various circuits.
- The GT--24 module also comes with a built-in PCB antenna and an ipx carrier external antenna, which greatly enhances the module's excelent characteristics and gives the user the greatest freedom.
Pin Instruction:

Serial number Name Pin direction Pin usage
1 VCC   / Power supply must be between 2.0-3.6V
2   CE   input Module control pin, see nRF24L01P Datasheet
3  CSN   input Module chip select pin for starting an SPI communication
4   SCK