5pcs DC-DC 3V-15V to 5V Fixed Output Automatic Buck Boost Step Up Step Down Power Supply Module

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The DC-DC power module is automatically buck-boost to support the shutdown function.
The maximum input voltage is 15VDC, the quiescent current is less than 200uA, the fixed output is 5V and the maximum output current is 600mA.
Design work frequency of up to 1.2MHz, high stability, cost-effective, all industrial-grade components, long working voltage drift-free, suitable for demanding applications.
Widely used in communications equipment, digital radio, industrial motherboards, toys, model aircraft, microcontroller motherboards, household electrical appliances, automotive power supply, security monitoring, field collection, street lamps.
Input voltage: 3V-15V
Maximum current: 600mA
Output voltage: 5V
Maximum efficiency: 75%
Package Included:
5 x DC-DC Automatic Buck Boost Power Module