2Pcs Rotating Potentiometer Knob Cap Digital Control Receiver Decoder Module Rotary Encoder Module

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Working voltage: DC 5V
A circle of pulse count: 20
- Rotary encoder through rotation direction and reverse direction can count is in the process of the number of output pulse, rotating counter unlike potentiometer, the rotation count there is no limit.Cooperate with the buttons on the rotary encoder, can be reset to the initial state, that is, from zero start counting.
- Incremental encoder is a kind of rotation displacement is converted to a series of digital pulse signal of rotary sensors.These pulses are used to control the angular displacement.In Eltra encoder angular displacement of the conversion principle of photoelectric scanning is adopted.
- Reading system in order to made up of alternating transparent window and opaque window of radial index plate (encoder) on the basis of the rotation, vertical irradiation at the same time be an infrared light source, optical encoder of the image projected on the receiver on the surface.
- Receiver is covered with a layer of diffraction grating, it has the same window width and encoder.Receiver's job is to feel the disc rotation changes, then the light is converted into the corresponding electric changes.
- To make low level signal to rise to a higher level, and produces no square pulse interference, it must use electronic circuit to deal with.
- Reading system usually adopts finite difference method, the two waveform, but different phase difference of 180 ° signal comparison, in order to improve the quality and stability of the output signal.Reading is to the difference of two signals, formed on the basis of eliminating the interference.
Package Included:
2 x Digital Control Module