CAMNAL Nylon Climbing Rope 10m 10.5mm Diameter 16-32KN Downhill Rope Fire Rescue Parachute Rope

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Product Climbing Rope
Maximum Pull 25KN
Size 8-12mm
Weight 70g/m
Bobbin Number 9
Material Nylon 66
Application Climbing, caving, engineering protection, electrical repair, hoisting, aloft work.

- High fatigue strength and rigidity, good heat resistance, low friction coefficient and good wear resistance.
- Professional design and manufacturing application capabilities and finishing technology.
- The weaving is tightly woven with imported equipment with clear and safe lines.
- The double-strand outer skin is added, which has the advantage of being softer and more wear-resistant,
  and has no slipping when the instrument is used.
- The rope head is cut by a hot cutter and does not scatter during use to ensure the performance of the rope.
- Soft toughness, easy to knot and more supple when used.
- The rope head is wrapped in a gray PP tube. Protect the rope from wea. Prevent slipping, ageing and durability.
Package Included:
1 x CAMNAL Climbing Rope