CAFELE 3A Magnetic LED QC3.0 USB Type-C Fast Charging Data Cable for Huawei

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1. Strong enough to absorb the usb connector firmly.
2. Automatic adsorption LED indicator light, it is easy to one hand operation while driving.
3. No need to pull it out repeatedly avoid being too loosened to effect chagring.
4. Support charging only, unable to data transmission.
Brand: Cafele
Color: Blue/Red/Black
Cable Length: 1.2m, 2m
Cable Plug:  Type-C port 
Product Weight: 70g
Technical Parameters:
Wire core: Copper
Material: Nylon
Features: Magnetic
Voltage current: 5V/3A
Package  Included:
1*Cable(1.2m/2m) with Type-c plug