Professional Slow Rebound Space Memory Foam Cotton Pillow Neck Back Support Relieve Fatigue Extension Pillow

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--Comfortable design.contour pillow design aligns the spine and reduces pressure on the neck to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain.
--Soft material-soft memory foam provides head and neck support, helping to align your spine. It is not too firm nor too soft. -It's okay.
--Absorb the impact-pillow force in the sensation from above as floating in water or clouds, the skin feels without pressure. breathable moisture.Because each cell unit is interconnected, excellent moisture absorption, but also breathable.
--Essential-you will wake up the next day feeling refreshed. The pillows keep their shape for a longer period of time without having a floor. Everyone deserves a comfortable sleep and wake up well.

Type:Soft Pillow
Inner Core: Space Memory Cotton
Cover Cloth Material: Cotton+Polyester Cloth
Weight:about 575g
Function: For Eyelash Salon Use

Package Included:
1x Memory Foam Pillow