UNI-T UT658C Type C Electric USB Voltage Safety Tester Voltmeter Amperemeter Charger Capacity Meter Volt Current

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The UT658 series USB tester is second-generation,for power safty monitoring of chargers, mobile power supplies and other charging devices for 3C products. For testing output voltage, output current, output power, capacity, loop equivalent resistance, and USB data transmission line voltage of the 3C product
This product is high precision, reliability, stability, small size, convenient and flexible use, and can be widely used in factory verification, digital enthusiasts and engineers.
Type-A interface
The same screen display voltage, current, power, capacity, etc.
10 sets of data storage
Loop equivalent resistance measurement (1-480 ohm)
Support fast charge protocol (QC1.0/2.0/3.0Type-A)


Package includes:

1 x UT658C USB Tester

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