Posture Orthotics Body Anti-Humpback Corrector Breathable Back Belt for Adult Unisex

Regular price R 315.98

Material: Adhesive tape
Color: White, Black
Size: S, M, L
Fit for weight:
Less than 45kg, 45-62.5kg, 62.5-75kg

- Comfortable and ergonomically designed to straighten the back and expand the chest.
- Made of high-quality materials, breathable, durable, comfortable to wear, neat stitching.
- Supporting the shoulders and back helps prevent hunchback and spine bending, corrects bad postures, maintains correct sitting, standing and walking postures.
- Helps prevent myopia, gently pull back the shoulder when correcting the spine, straighten the neck and head.

Package Included:
1 X Anti-Humpback belt