Detachable Motorcycle Anti Radiation Windproof Ski Goggles

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1. The headband is adjustable, you can adjust it to fit your hand.
2. Fashion cool design.
3. Availably protect your eyes from sands, debris, powders or other small pieces, even radiation and ultraviolet ray.
4. With three colors, you can choose one the most suitable one to protect your riding.
5. PC Lens: Designed for curved shape, the surface of the lens has been specially strengthened for many times to prevent friction and impact, which makes the field of view wider and clearer.
6. TPU and ABS Frame: The frame is light, tough, resistant to tears and resistant to distortion.
7. Elastic Headband: The widened double-plush elastic band makes you feel pressureless on your head. Double velvet elastic band makes the feel more perfect, adjustable length, suitable for all types of head!

Lens Material: PC
Frame Material: TPU
Headband Material: Double plush
Application: Motorcycle and electric bicycle Cycling, Skateboarding, Skiing, Skateboarding, Hiking, Cross-country events, Field trips.
Lens Color: Colorful
Colour: Blue/Orange/Yellow

Package Included
1x  Goggles Riding Glasses