ScanHome SH-50 2D Codes Scanning Engine Head Embedded Scanning Module Micro 2D Barcode Scanner

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SH-50 using advanced imaging technology, with barcode scanning and digital image acquisition function is very strong, the extended depth of field and fast reading, and enhance the performance of low quality barcode reader. From the high-density one-dimensional bar code to the two-dimensional bar code on the mobile device screen, SH-50 can easily read.
The new high-density design and reliability design, the internal key components are concentrated in a fixed module, suitable for mobile, equipment cabinets, assembly lines, intelligent machine equipment integration.
Unique decoding technology:The use of international top-level decoding technology, a variety of one-dimensional, two-dimensional code decoding, full scan code.
High performance scanning technology:To support a variety of high-density, damaged, deformed bar code scanning, while supporting the computer, mobile phones, flat screen, such as two-dimensional code scanning.
Wide range of applications:ultra small size, widely used mobile handheld terminals, POS payment, equipment cabinets, intelligent robots and other things networking industry chain.
Package includes:
1 * 2D Barcode Scanning Module
1 * User Manual
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