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The SH-500-1D is a high-quality linear barcode scanner that is ergonomically designed to be practical and suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you want to achieve office paperlessness or a high-quality and cost-effective wireless barcode scanner to replace your existing equipment, the SH-500-1D is your best choice.
Its linear laser technology makes it an excellent performer when scanning all linear barcodes, even when scanning damaged and poorly printed barcodes. In addition, it also has some other excellent performance, 100% curing technology, no moving parts, not easy to break, there will be no unattainable situation.
Unlike other ultra-exquisite and impractical scanners, the SH-500-1D is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic trigger and handle for maximum convenience and comfort. The real value of the SH-500-1D is that it is a wireless bar code scanner that is affordable and reliable for customers.
Linear Laser Technology: Quickly scan bar codes for good performance even when scanning poor print quality or corrupted bar codes
User-friendly design: Ergonomic design, more comfortable to use when working, easier to operate
Durability: 100% curing technology
Easy connection: Integrate the universal interface to ensure faster and more convenient connection to your host or PC
Future support for code support: GTIN Compliant, GS1 DataBar
Package includes:
1 * 1D Barcode Scanner
1 * User Manual
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