SSU PCI-E 1S1P PCI-E Transfer Printer Card Tax Control Card LPT Card Serial Port Parallel Port Expansion Card

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1. Brand: SSU;
2. Model: PCI-E 1S1P;
3. Item: PCI-E Expansion Card;


1. Support standard serial mode, plug and play, with automatic identification function;
2. Compliant with pci-express 1.0a standard;
3. Driver support Windows 9 x/Me / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista, Linux, Windows 7;
4. The serial port part has the interrupt control address, which can better solve the complex transmission control system and ensure the data flow will not be lost stably and effectively;
5. Output 2 independent 9-pin standard serial ports, exclusive interrupt port number rather than virtual device, can connect to various serial device data transmission rate: 110-230400bps;

Package Included:
1 x PCI-E Expansion Card