Cryotherapy Ultrasonic Hot Cold Hammer Machine Face Lifting Massager Wrinkle Remove Skin Care Tool Facial Rejuvenation Beauty Machine

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-Red LED Light is anti-aging and skin-beauty, which can soften skin and restore skin's elasticity.Blue LED light prevent bacteria growth of acne wounds and avoid skin inflammation and leaving scars of acne.
-Alternating hot and cold therapy, which can activate cells thoroughly, improve overall skin texture, skin tightening, facial lifting, pore shrinking, eliminating eye bags and dark circles.
-Slight vibration massage offers a comfortable feeling when moving slowly on the face under the hot mode
-Physical treatment work together with ultrasonic vibration, no side effect, safe and assured to use
-It can actively improve metabolic rate, eliminate toxins and eye bags. Strengthens collagen fiber and reduces wrinkles
-Easy to operate and convenient for daily skin care
Input Voltage:AC-90~240V 50-60HZ
Output Voltage:DC-5V/2.5A
Material Body:ABS
Plug: EU/US Plug
Item Color: White
1. Clean and care the skin before using the instrument, and then use the appropriate nutrient cream to achieve better results.
2. It is forbidden to switch the instrument frequently to avoid damage to the device caused by current impact.
Package included:
1x Ultrasonic Hot Cold Hammer Machine
1x Manual
1x Plug