110V 25W 50-60Hz Electric Infrared Body Massager Tool Anti Cellulite Slimming Beauty Machine Back Health Electric Massager Relaxation

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Color: Red
Material: PP
Charger power supply voltage: 110V,  50Hz, 25W
Plug: US Plug (We will send you a plug adapter according to your country)
Cable length:about 150cm/59.06''
Product Size:about 15.5cm/6.10''x14.5cm/5.71''x10.5cm/4.13''
-Professional Lipomodelling system.
-Fights cellulite and flaccidity efficiently at home.
-Inspired by professional massage techniques, this latest-generation massager provides an effective therapeutic massage at home and is especially suitable for those suffering from cellulite, fluid retention and flaccidity.
-Its effectiveness lies in its powerful motor that produces Simultaneous rotating and vibrating movements. This complex movement provides a subcutaneous massage, increasing blood flow, encouraging lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, improving skin elasticity.
-Provides an effective massage intensified by the effects of its infrared heat, move fat, heating and draining fat, as well as smoothing bumpy "orange  peel skin".
-Applies friction and kneading movements, copying the hand movements of an expert therapeutic massage.
Ergonomically designed for convenient home use, allowing the user to give herself a massage anytime, anywhere.
-For effective results, we recommend using the product for 15 minutes every day. This massager can be used with specific treatment creams(firming or anticellulite)
Package Included:
1 Set  Anti-cellulite Massager