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The product is made of natural wood, using laser engraving technology, high precision, no burr
Product Name: Wooden Jewelry Box
Material:  wood
Size: 40*18.5*3cm
Package includes:
1 x Wooden Jewelry Box
(NOT including things in the pictures)
Introduction to play:
1. Assemble the product according to the instructions
2. Rotate the cover to as shown on Figure 2.
3. Then rotate the key counterclockwise (pictured)
4. Rotate until it can no longer rotate, take down the key, and align the key hole on the side (pictured)
5. Turn the key counterclockwise and the lid of the jewelry box will open slowly.
6. Put in something, then rotate the key in the opposite direction and the lid will be covered.
7. Finally, in reverse order 3.2, you can return to the state of 1.