Universal 2.1A Dual USB Car Charger Adapter for Android Tablet Smartphone

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Product name: dual USB color car charger
Color: silver, gray, yellow-green, red
Weight: 19 g
Size: 13 * 6 * 3.3 cm
Input: DC12V - 24 v
Output: DC5V - 1A
              DC 5V 2.1 A
1.Please insert the car charger after the car starts
2. Please pull out the car charger after use or after the car is turned off
3. Do not use the car charger in the electronic products beyond the charging specifications. When the two interfaces are used at the same time, it is recommended that the battery charged within the specification of 2100mA should be used normally, so as to avoid any problems caused by the inconsistent specifications.
4. This product will generate heat during use. Under normal room temperature, it is normal that the heat does not exceed 40℃.
Package Included:
1x Car charger