USB bluetooth Adapter 5.0 Desktop Dongle Wireless WiFi Audio Music Receiver Transmitter bluetooth Receiver

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1. Interface: USB
2. Transmission speed: 3Mbps
3. Working distance: 20m
4. Working frenquency: 2.4MHz
5. bluetooth standard: bluetooth5.0


1. 5.0 Mini bluetooth adapter, easier and faster, wireless transmission
2. Support for multiple device connections.
3. Solve the problem that the Desktop PC does not have bluetooth.
4. No software required. No network required to transfer photos or data.
5. Support connection to bluetooth mouse/ bluetooth keyboard/ Bluetooth earphone/ bluetooth audio.
6. Mobile phones and tablets can transfer text and photos without installing drivers.  Install the full version of the driver, the computer can be connected to the bluetooth headset, audio.

Package Included:

1 X bluetooth 5.0 adapter