Eekoo SD Class 10 Memory Card 64GB 128GB 256GB SDHC Card SDXC Card for SLR and Digital Cameras

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1. Brand: Eekoo;
2. Capacity: 64GB/128GB/256GB
3. Size: Approximately 32*24*2.1 mm
4. Transmission Speed: Reading 70MB/s, Writing 18MB/s.
5. Speed Class: CLASS10 MB/S
6. Storage Temperature: -20℃~85℃
7. Working Temperature: 0~70℃
8. Apply to:  card speakers, SLR, amplifier, PSP game console, camera


1. 64/128/256GB Storage
Massive storage for all of your pictures, videos, songs and files.
2. Compatible with digital cameras, micro-single, SLR, camera notebooks and other digital devices with SD card slot.
3. Quick reading
Reading 70MB/s, Writing 18MB/s.
4. Durable: Waterproof, can be used after long time soaking in water.
5. Stability: Anti-magnetic can resist 13 times higher magnetic field than film and television speakers.

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1 *Eekoo SD Memory Card