RF Demo Kit NanoVNA RF Tester Board Filter Attenuator for NanoVNA-F Vector Network Anaylzer

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- PCB board in size of 10 x 10cm
- Vector network analyzer learner tool
- RLC series and parallel circuit 1
- RLC series and parallel circuit 2
- 33 ohm resistance, SWR=1.5
- 75 ohm resistance, SWR=1.5
- BSF ceramic notch filter, center frequency 6.5MHz
- BPF ceramic filter, centre frequency 10.7MHz
- RC series circuit
- LC series circuit
- Capacitor
- Inductance
- Homemade low-pass filter, 3dB bandwidth 400MHz
- Homemade high-pass filter, 3dB bandwidth 500MHz
- Short-circuit calibration circuit
- Open-circuit calibration circuit
- 50 ohm load calibration circuit
- Straight-through
- 10dB attenuation circuit
- 3dB attenuation circuit
- Each set of functional circuits
- Can be used with NanoVNA-F to measure 6.5M ceramic notch filter  
- Can be used wtih NanoVNA-F to measure homemade low-pass-filter, 3dB bandwidth about 400MHz
Package Included:
1 x PCB RF Tester Board
2 x 20cm Adapter Cables

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