24PCS 300x300x50mm Soundproofing Foam Studio Acoustic Foam Soundproof Absorption Treatment Panel Tile Polyurethane Foam

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Material: Sponge
Size: 300X300X50mm
Density: 20kg/m³
Quantity: 24 Pcs
Color: Red/Blue/White/Black/Grey
Applied to: Studio, Piano room, Drum room, Anchor's room, Home Theater, KTV, Meeting rooms, Instrument rooms, etc.
1. Soft sponge, no dust, high density.
2. The sound effects, suitable for studio and KTV etc.
3. Pyramid sound-absorbing sponge with beautiful appearance and good acoustic characteristics, its greatest feature is: due to its pyramid shape, it provides little diffusion, it makes you sound more dynamic. It may, for example BASSTRAP combined together with the other products, consisting of a wide band absorber, the effect is very good.
1.Please allow 1-5mm error.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!
3.The acoustic foam might be pressed by shipping. If you receive a foam like this, please use  a watering can to spray onto the cotton wool, if it is Fully folded ,put it into the water directly. and put it under the sun to dry, About 12-48 hours,  then you will see a perfect shape of the foam. Any Problem please contact us first,  thank you for your understanding!
4.The compression packing of the product can be restored after a period of time and the compression effect is better without worrying about quality problems
Package includes:
24 x Soundproof foam