7W 11W UV Lamp Germicidal Sterilizer Disinfection Light Ultraviolet Tube

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Voltage: 220V
Power: 7W/11W
Ultraviolet wavelength: 254nm
Color: White
Suitable for home, travel, business, healthcare industries. It is easy to carry and use.
Ultraviolet rays (UV-C) help eliminate 99% of bacteria, fungi, molds, etc. on the surface of most household and personal items.
Repair rooms, closets, and cleaning supplies for the house. Avoid being covered by bacteria.
Portable design: Save space and disinfect at any time in the area you need.
Products used in daily life, chopsticks, spoons, dishes, telephone receivers, desks, bathrooms, public places, cars, etc., do not contain harmful bacterial 
Package included:
1 x UV Germicidal Lamp