5V Portable Handheld Sterilization 99% UV Germicidal Lamp Home Disinfection UV Sterilizer Lamp

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Technical Specifications:
Material: ABS
Voltage: 5V
Dimensions: 85x85mm/3.3x3.3'
Color: Black

Features and Benefits:
• Suitable for home, travel, business, healthcare industries. It is easy to carry and use.
• Ultraviolet rays (UV-C) help eliminate 99% of bacteria, fungi, molds, etc. on the surface of most household and personal items.
• Repair rooms, closets, and cleaning supplies for the house. Avoid being covered by bacteria.
• Portable design: Save space and disinfect at any time in the area you need.
• Products used in daily life, chopsticks, spoons, dishes, telephone receivers, desks, bathrooms, public places, cars, etc., do not contain harmful bacterial
• Small and portable, can be put in a bag for ready use

Package Contents:
1 x UV Germicidal Lamp
1 x Charging Cable