SVBONY SV131 1.25 Plossl 32mm Eyepiece 4-Element Design Standard 1.25-inch Filter Threaded

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1.The 1.25-inch Plossl eyepiece is suitable for observing nebulae, star clusters, comets and other low-light, dim celestial bodies. The field of view is transparent and bright, and the observation is comfortable.
2.The exit distance of 25mm is convenient for customers to observe for a long time.
3.With the true FMC full broadband multilayer coating, it ensures that each glass surface has multiple layers of coating to for a better image quality.
4.Standard Plossl eyepiece structure: 2 sets of 4-piece optical structures
5.The edge of the lens is matt black to prevent stray light interference
6.All-metal mirror structure, fine texture, fine workmanship, and humanized environmental protection rubber anti-slip ring design will prevent accidental depression.
7.Threaded specification of M28.5*0.6 standard, supports standard 1.25-inch filter adapter installation.


1.Brand: SVBONY
2.Model: SV131
3.Eyepiece Type: Plossl
4.Focal length: 32mm
5.Field of View: 46-Degrees
6.Eye Relief: 25mm
7. Exit Pupil: 23mm
8.Field Stop Diameter: 30mm
9.Lens group: 2 Group / 4PCS
10.Lens coated: FMC
11.Side of the lens coate:  Extinction Ink
12.Material: Metal
13.Thread size: M28.5*0.6
14.Non-slip Cover: Yes
15.Eye cup type: Rubber
16.Net Weight:116.5 g/4.11oz
17.Dimension: Ø61X104mm

Package includes:

1 x SVBONY SV131 1.25' Plossl 32mm Eyepiece

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