NAOMI Professional Violin/Fiddle Bow 4/4 Snakewood Bow Baroque Style Snakewood Frog White Mongolia Horsehair Well Balance

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Professional baroque style 4/4 violin bow, about 70cm long.  
Exquisite and beautiful snakewood round stick
High-quality snakewood frog and horse hair.
Strong fast responses and well balanced playing.
Making nice and bright sound while playing violin.

Frog: Snakewood
Bow material: Snakewood
Bow Hair: Mongolia horsehair
Bow Length: Approx.70cm (Including Screw)
Bow Weight: Approx.60g (+/-2g)
Suitable for: 4/4 Violin  

Package List:
1 *Snakewood Bow

1.The hair of bow can't be in a state of tension for a long time,please loosen them when not playing
2.Wipe the bow regularly