JCD Adjustable Temperature Electric Soldering Iron Heater 220V 110V 60W Ceramic Internal Heating Element for 908 Solder Iron

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1. Always keep the tip of the bit clean, ensure to coat the bit liberally with solder the first time the iron is switched on. Note: Initial tinning is done in order to extend the life of the bit.
2. Wet the provided sponge prior to using.
3. Check that the solder wire is ready for use and adequately extended from the case as shown in step 1 in the above illustration below.
4. Ensure that the bit fits snugly and has adequate contact with the internal element.

How to change/replace bits:

 1. After turning the iron on, the bit will commence heating and will be ready for use when the solder wire begins to melt at contact.
2. Initiate soldering by ensuring the melted solder makes a clean connection between the contacts that you attempting to solder. 
3. Move the solder wire and iron away once enough solder is placed and wipe any residual solder using the wet sponge.
4. Always remember to switch the iron off at the mains and place it in the provided holder while it cools enough to be stored safely.

1. Use safety goggles and take necessary precautions to avoid injury or fire.
2. The iron heats up quickly. Select a suitable temperature to operate at. Using the iron for long hours and at high temp may shorten the life of the product. 
3. Make sure to only switch the iron on when required and switch it off when not, in order to reduce the risk of injury and fire.
4. Clean the soldering tip ever so often to extend its life. Avoid using abrasive chemicals and surfaces as this could damage the metallic surface.
5. The provided bits are 900M series and spares are available from where you purchased this product.

Package Included:

1 x JCD Adjustable Temperature Electric Soldering Iron Heater

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