Gardening Six Piece Garden tools Set Aluminum Alloy Tools Two Color Handle

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- This hand garden tool meets your various gardening needs, digging, loosening soil, transplanting, watering, cleaning, pruning and so on, suitable for succulent plants, bonsai plants and indoors for small plants, etc.

-The garden tool is durable and reuable and easy storage.

- This mini garden tool is perfect for people who love gardening or spends a lot of time gardening.


- Color : Yellow and Black

- Material: Aluminum alloy

-Style:#1:1 X Big shovel

          #2:1 X Small shovel

          #3:1 X Tregeminal

          #4:1 X Rake

          #5: 1 X Weeder

          #6:1 X Scissors

Package Included:

1 X Garden tool

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