Suleve 100Pcs/Set Woodworking Angled Hole Screw Square Self-tapping Screw Square Slot Coarse Thread Fine Thread Screw Galvanized

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1.QUALITYThe screws are made of high-grade carbon steel, with a surface hardness of 500-550HRC and strong toughness. It is suitable for screwing screws after woodworking. It is sturdy and durable. The surface is plated with blue and white zinc, which is rust and corrosion resistant.

2.DESIGNThe screw has a sharp tail and a cutting tail design, which is conducive to tapping into various woods and can be easily operated.

3.STYLEThe square groove design in the head makes it difficult to damage the screw head when tightening hard, which has high practicability. Screw in with a square SQ2 bit, efficient and labor-saving.

4.COARSE-THREAD/FINE-THREADCoarse-thread screws are suitable for soft woods such as pine and spruce with low density; The fine-thread screw specializes in hardwood, and the thread is deep and tight to ensure that when the hardwood is tapped, it will not tear the wood fiber and cause the wood to crack.

5.APPLICATION1', 1-1/4', 1-1/2' (100 Count), It is widely used in splicing large wood-plastic craft products such as outdoor gardens, fences, docks, balconies, courtyards, etc. 


Size: SQ2
Type: Coarse-thread/Fine-thread
Length: 1', 1-1/4', 1-1/2'
Material: High-grade carbon steel
Finish: Zinc
Package: 100Pcs/bag

Package Included:
Woodworking Screws (100 Count)