New Human Body Engineering Bicycle Lock Set Bicycle Grips Suit

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New Human Body Engineering Bicycle Lock Set Bicycle Grips Suit

-The high comfortable ergonomic handle design can support the palm of the hand to the thumb and provide the best touch with excellent protection,for a long time riding.
-The entity TPR rubber material can achieve full slip effect, and has similar silicone comfortable  flexibility.
-The surface has more convex antiskid rubber particles and the gloves are not easy to slip, which can make the riding more safe during rainning daysa or sweat.
-To set up the palm portion of width 45MM, than the average human engineering into a narrow 5MM, this design can be taken into account when riding better control handle, while ensuring that the palm to relieve the pressure.
-The high intensity 3D one turning aluminum alloy strengthens the locking ring and installation is firm and durable with comfortable grip.
-The lock ring behind the anode color technology, with a variety of colors, while any vehicle can be easily to install ,which can make your car more dazzling.
-Color: random
-Weight: 150 g/a pair
-Material: the lock ring are made of aluminum alloy, the set are made of TPR environmental protection rubber.
-Size:128MM (in length) * 30-45MM(in diameter)
Package: OEM PE bag Lite, including: * 2 / sets * 2 / Ring * 2 / * 2 to plug
Package Included:
-2*sets Human Body Suit Grips