Mountaineering Bag Submachine Purse Outdoor Waist Mountaineering Bag

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Taiwan CBR multi-functional pockets is simple and can be placed on waist and tilted back.
volume: 8L
Colour:black and red
Size:21CM(height)*25CM(length)*15CM(thickness) (due to irregular in shape, measuring the inevitable error, hereby instructions )
Style:according to modern style of the human body mechanics with scientific design principle,  it has unique style and beautiful novel features.
Material:using 420 tear waterproof cloth Oxford refined, fabric with super toughness, tear resistance, scratch resistant, waterproof function.
Side: side pocket backpack design, nylon mesh side pockets, excellent practicability, can place items commonly used.
Hundred needle:all the key parts and the seam parts of backpack are made of 100 needle to keep it reinforced, in order to prevent cracking during suture for outdoor use.
Applicable scope: long, short-distance outdoor tourism, rock climbing, hiking, mountain climbing, cross-country and other outdoor activities.
Package included:
1*Mountaineering Bag