Outdoor Adjustable Trekking Pole 4 Sections Walking Stick Crutch Camping Climbing Alpenstock Cane

Regular price R 425.01

Material: Aluminum
Section: 4
Adjustable Length: 51cm-110cm/20"-43"
Color: Sent at random

Made of lightweight aluminum metal, strong durability.
Ergonomic handle, anti-slip and comfortable grip.
Adjustable wrist strap provides support for your arm.
Hard Steel Tip with removable rubber Ferrule, protect the hiking stick.
4-Section adjustable telescopic pole, free adjustment to your own need.
With anti-shock mechanism, which reduces stress and body weight on knees, thighs, shoulder.

Removable trekking (mud/snow) cover, prevent the manganese tip from sinking into soft dirt or sand.

Package Included:
1 x Walking Stick