KALOAD Survival Tactical Waist Belt Strap Military Emergency Rescue Protection Waistband For Hunting

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Model: CQB/Emergency Rescue

Material: High quality Nylon material
Size: 3.8cm (width) X 110cm (length)
Color: Black, Green ,Coffee
Weigtht: 190g
Features :
Constructed of 1.75” webbing with 7,000 lb tensile strength and a hook and loop to secure the running end.
Tied on your waist directly, also can mount some outdoor stuff on the belt.
Built with parachute grade buckles and adapters.
Suitable for field operations, riding, hunting, war game, run and other sport.
It can be used as a standard belt when be worn on pants, while as an assault belt when on the tactical vest.
The triangle hook on the front for attaching accessories.
The waist is adjustable with the Velcro attachment.
Package Included:
1 x Tactical Belt