Portable 200cc 5L/min Siphon Water Oil Fuel Hand Pump Air Inflator

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Portable, Practical In particular,take a drive out of town tourism,very practical and convenient.
The unique new design, a new elastic plastic seiko production, more beautiful and durable.
Only through the gas pump suction liquid,very convenient for all liquid,not cause fluid retention in the waste container.


100% Brand New
Sucker pump capacity: 200cc
The tubing inter diameter: 8mm
The tubing outer diameter: 12mm
Suction tubing length: 1.3m
Output tubing length: 1.3m
Extended length of tube: 1.2m
Extension tube inter diameter: 3mm
Extension tube diameter: 5mm
Flux: 5L/min

Pumping from the car to the oil drum.
Pulled from the drums of diesel / petrol.
Able to get another car from a car.
(Sure the tank is pumped can into the tube)
Fit for lawn mowers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers etc,small gasoline power tools.

1.Oil absorption operation, try to keep oil absorption of oil outlet is lower than the oil inlet, so after oil absorption, can stop the twitch, oil will continue to flow automatically.
2.Every time after finished gasoline and clean, please pour a small amount of smoke tube inlet oil, keep between suction bucket and rubber ring lubrication, arrange another time to use, so that we can effectively extend the service life of the oil extractor.
3.This product is not applicable for extracting lubricating oil or other viscous oil.
4.Now a lot of private cars bring screen, please use the same pipe of the oil extractor and coarse into tank test, if you can't please don't buy into it, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Package Includes: 

1 x tubing
1 x hand pump
1 x intake hoses
1 x output hoses
1 x extension tube