12V 30 40 Amp Car 5 Wire Terminal Relay Socket Harness Wiring

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Color: Black
30/40A Heavy Duty Relays
5 Wire Relay Socket Wiring Harness
Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Harness
Coil Resistance:90 Ohms
Coil Inductance:0.8H
Dielectric Strength:500V RMS
Temperature Range:-40°C ~ 125°C
Inital Operating Data:7 milliseconds
Type:SPDT: Single Pole Double Throw
Hundreds of uses,such as Fog Lights, HID Headlights, Strobes, Fuel Pumps,Stereos
Air Ride Suspensions, Fans, Air Horns, Car Alarms, Remote Starts and so much more.
Package includes:
5 X  5 wire relay socket wiring harness