3-Button Key Keyless Remote Shell Cover Case For Honda 2005-2010

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3-Button Key Keyless Remote Shell Cover Case Fob Uncut Blade For Honda 2005-2010
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 pc
Buttons: 3 buttons (Lock,Unlock,Panic)
Shell Size: (48x34) mm / (1.89x1.33)"
Blade Size: 45mm
This is a NEW replacement 3 buttons case and uncut blade for Honda vehicles.
Simply swap out you old remote and transponder into this new shell with an uncut blade.
Blade will need to be cut by an automotive locksmith.
Important Notice:
1.Key case and key blade only.There is NO interior (remote/electronics/transponder chip)unit inside.
2.Please check your key look the same as the one in our product picture above before you purchase.
2005-2009 Honda Pilot
2005-2010 Honda Odyssey
2006-2010 Honda Ridgeline
NotesYear   Make               Model         Trim     Engine
2010            Honda            Odyssey         All       All
2010            Honda            Ridgeline       All       All
2009            Honda            Odyssey         All       All
2009            Honda            Pilot                 All       All
2009            Honda            Ridgeline       All       All
2008            Honda            Odyssey         All       All
2008            Honda            Pilot                All        All
2008            Honda            Ridgeline      All        All
2007            Honda            Odyssey        All        All
2007            Honda            Pilot                All        All
2007            Honda            Ridgeline      All        All
2006            Honda            Odyssey        All         All
2006            Honda            Pilot                All        All
2006            Honda           Ridgeline       All        All
2005           Honda            Odyssey         All        All
2005           Honda            Pilot                 All        All
Package includes:
1 x Remote Key Shell