Reprap 3D Printer Accessories Motherboard 1.2 Control Board

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Reprap 3D Printer Accessories Motherboard 1.2 Control Board

This board is the major new features of the Generation 3 electronics.
The heart is Sanguino which is an Arduino-compatible board that is powered by an ATMEGA644P chip.
It has connectors to hook up all the various peripherals that you'll need to drive a RepRap machine.
It has headers for three stepper drivers, as well as 4 RJ45 connectors for Extruder Controller Boards.
It has an SD card and a connector to hook it up to an ATX power supply.
Onboard atmega644p - 64K flash space, 4k ram, 32 I/O pins, Arduino compatible.
3 x Stepper driver connectors with min / max inputs.
Built-in SD card socket for printing file and buffering large print jobs.
RS485 connection for noise-excelent communications with extruder / toolhead controllers.
The power is ATX power connector. It can also turn the power supply on and off.
Headers to allow existing Sanguinos to plug straight in.
I2C headers for simple hookup of external peripherals.
On / Off switch for instant it will control the entire system.
Package included:
1 x
Motherboard 1.2 control board