Double Pull Breathable Back Waist Support Belt

Regular price R 283.26

Material: Mesh fabric, fishline cloth, metal stays
Function: Posture back brace relieve back pain
Color: Black
Size: S, M, L, XL

Fully adjustable with velcro.
Adjustable and high elastic back braces, enhances the stability all around the lower back area and improves posture.
Unqiue double pull criss-cross extra strength elastic strap can give you the extra shield of stability and support.
Fish line mesh fabric, vented, breathable, comfort, handiness.
With 4 strong and large metal stays, which are positioned around the lower back area to provides a high level of support.
Help relieve pain associated with joint and back problems.
Suitable for people who with back problems: Slipped disc, degenerative disc disease and Sciatica
Suitable for:
1. People who has health problem like protrusion of lumbar vertebral disc, sciatica and/or lumbar hyperosteogeny.
2. People who always work sedentarily or in a prolonged standing position such as drivers or office workers.
3. People who want to contract abdomen slender waist or keep a toned body.
Below crowd please use it cautiously:
1. Pregnant women and children please do not use this product.
2. Please stop using if you have a high fever or damaged skin.
3. Patients with acute soft tissue impairment,  please don't use.
4. Please use with caution under the guidance of doctors:  Patients with serious trauma, high blood pressure or any other disease.
Package includes:
1 X Back Support