DC 12V 2.5W Car Solenoid Air Valve 5 Port 2 Position

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DC 12V 2.5W Solenoid Air Valve 5port 2position BSP 4V110-06 Pilot-operated Type
Material: Alloy Steel
Color: Like the picture show
Quantity: 1 pc
Size(LxWxH): 9.4cm x 1.8cm x2.6cm / 3.7" x 0.7" x 1.02"
Wire length: 33cm / 12.99"
Packing box dimension(LxWxH): 10cm x 5.6cm x 2cm
Model: 4V110-06
Positions: 5 ports/2 positions
Motion Pattern: Pilot-operated Type
Wiring Form: screw thread type
Voltage: DC 12V
Allowable Voltage Fluctuation: ±10% of Rated Voltage
Power Consumption: AC:2.5VA / DC2.5W
Operating Tempe: -5 to + 50°C / 41-122°F
Effective Section Area: 12mm² (CV=0.67)
Port Size: Air Inlet=Air Outlet=Exhaust=1/8"BSP
Working Media/Fluld: 40 Micron Filtered Air
Operating Pressure: 0.15-0.8 MPa / 22-116 PSI
Max. Pressure Resistance: 1.2MPa / 174 PSI
Insulation and Protection Class: F Class / IP65
Highest Action Frequency: 5/s
Shortest Excitation Time: 0.05 second
Pilot-operated Type: external and internal optional
Strut structure, good sealing, responsive
Three-position solenoid valve has three central features to choose from
Double two position solenoid valve with memory function
The hole using a special process, friction resistance, low starting pressure, long life
Can be integrated with the base valve, saving installation space
Has a manual device, installation and commissioning conducive
Trouble Shooting:
1.After energizing the solenoid valve does not work:
Check the power wiring is bad → Re-connect wiring and connectors
Check the power supply voltage in the range of ± work → To adjust the range of the normal position
Coils are sealing off → Re-welded 
Coil shorted → Replace the coil
Working pressure difference is not appropriate → Adjust the pressure differential/Replace solenoid valve
The fluid temperature is too high → Replace solenoid valve
Have impurities to make electromagnetic valve of the main valve core and the moving core card to death →
Cleaning,such as sealing damage the seal and install the filter should be changed
Liquid viscosity is too large,the frequency is too high and had come to life → Replacement product
2.Solenoid valve can not be closed:
The main valve core or moving iron core of seal is damaged → Replace the seal
The fluid temperature, viscosity is too high → Replacement of the solenoid valve
Are valve core production impurities into the solenoid valve or moving iron core → cleaning
Spring life have to or deformation → change
Orifice balance hole plug → In a timely manner to clean
Working frequency is too high or have to life → Reelection products or product updates
3.Other cases:
Internal leakage → Check whether the seal is damaged, the spring is bad assembly
External leakage → Joint looseness or seal has been bad → Screws or replace the seal
Electricity from time to tome noise → The head of the fasteners loose,tighten
Package includes:
1 x Solenoid Air Valve 5port 2position