RAMPS 1.4 REPRAP Contoller Board+ Mega2560 + A4988 Drivers Heatsink Kit for 3D Printer

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3D Printer Kit RAMPS 1.4 REPRAP Controller Mega2560 A4988 Drivers Heatsink
RAMPS designed to fit the entire electronics needed for a RepRap.
RAMPS interfaces an Arduino Mega with the powerful Arduino MEGA platform and has plenty room for expansion.
The modular design includes plug in stepper drivers and extruder control electronics on an Arduino MEGA shield for easy service, part replacement, upgrade-ability and expansion.
Mega2560 Board for Arduino
Working voltage: 5V
Input voltage (recommended): 7V ~ 12V
Input voltage (limits): 6V ~ 20V
Digital I/O Pin: 54 (of which 14 PWM)
Analog input Pin: 16
DC wave on each I/O pin: 40mA
3.3V pin current: 50mA
Flash memory: 256KB
Speed: 16MHz
A4988 Driver
Stepper motor driver
This is a carrier board or breakout board for Allegro's A4988 DMOS
Package included:
1 x RAMPS 1.4 (complete soldered and assembled)
1 x Mega 2560 Board For Arduino
5 x Soldered A4988 driver
5 x Heatsink for A4988 driver
1 x USB cable