MD-017 Car Rear View Mirror Soft Transparent Black Rain Shield

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MD-017 Car Rearview Mirror Soft Transparent Black Rain Shield
Material: Soft Plastic
Color: Transparent,Black
Dimension: 25mm x 58mm
Quantity: One Pair
Fitment: Universal
Installation location: Car Rearview Mirror
In addition to the storm outside, on top of a row behind the design of the inlet, the vehicle traveling at high speed when the head wind just turn on straight through the air inlet under the wind, blowing in the rearview mirror, mirror on the stick Raindrops blown away the excess to keep the mirror clarity, to ensure a clear vision to ensure driving safety.

1. Please put dirt grease stains on the car rearview mirror with a towel to wipe before installing , keep dry, and then use the product probably try clicking on the rearview mirror mounting position, confirmed tear 3M adhesive paste installation. 
2. In order to ensure the sticky paste 3M adhesive, please be installed in the sunny weather or temperature not lower than 10 ℃.
3. Do not immediately flooded after installation in order to avoid reducing service life. 
4. Press a moment after installing to ensure sticky. 
5. When install in winter,please use a hair dryer or heat fan to heat  3m glue ,make full use of its stickiness.
Package Included:
1 X Rearview Mirror Rain Shield