4mm 5mm Banana Plug Plated 7U Gold

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4mm 5mm Banana Plug Plated 7U Gold
5mm banana plugs (male 90 degrees welding vertical welding) plated 7U gold

This product is 4mm 5mm banana plugs designed for vehicle shell lithium battery design, the design of the new male head shape, increases the contact surface area, can resistant than ordinary 4mm banana plug larger current. The tray, tail expanding open slot, and 90 degree vertical welding wire, welding, connecting space saving wiring and battery, reasonable wiring is more suitable in the narrow space. Banana plug exquisite workmanship, smooth surface, no burr, plated with 24K gold, with high current.

There are 2 kinds of specifications, 4mm and 5mm, please measure your battery female head diameter size as. 4mm is one of the most commonly used.
Package Included:
1 x Banana Plug