IPRee Tactical Outdoor Traveling Utility Water Bottle Bag Pouch Climbing Camping Hiking Bag

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Material: High density nylon 
Main pouch : 10 inch (H) X 4inch (Diameter)
Side pouch :  6inch (H) X 4 inch (W) X 2 inch (D)
Color:Green  Black, Mud color , ACU camouflage, CP camouflage,  Woodland camouflage,  Digital jungle camouflage
Metal clip on the back.
Suitable for outdoor war game activities.
Able to attach to any modle webbing vest, bag, backpack or duty belt.
Zipper opening for the main pouch, able to store large sport water bottle.
Zipper opening side pouch for small gears and accessories.
Can be used as utility, magazine, dump pouch.
Velcro patch can be attached on top and the side pouch.
D-rings on 2 sides for another carrying method.
.Package includes:
1 X Bottle Pouch