FG-100 DDS Function Signal Generator Frequency Counter 1Hz - 500KHz

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Description :
FG-100 DDS Function Signal Generator Frequency Counter Sine+Triangle+Square Wave 1Hz - 500KHz

Features :
Small size, multiple functions, simple operation, easy to carry.
Power by an power adapter( include an USB power adapter cable for you :) , or just one lithium batteries.
With an oscilloscope, which can be used in electronic circuit experiment and debugging, the frequency characteristics of audio amplifier and pulse response of test and measurement.
Due to the good precision of DDS and frequency stability, is also very suitable for oscilloscope sweep time calibration factor. Square wave output also suit for oscilloscope attenuator and probe pulse adjustment, etc

Specification :  

The main output waveform : sine wave and square-wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave.
Maximum output amplitude : ± 10Vpp (no-load)
Output impedance : 50Ω±10%
Dc bias : ± 10V (no-load)
Display : LCD1602
Resolution : 1 Hz
Power supply : DC 3. 5-10V

Output frequency range :
Sine wave : 1Hz-500KHz
Square-wave : 1 Hz - 20kHz (the valid range)
Triangle wave : 1 Hz - 20KHz (the valid range)
Sawtooth wave : 1 Hz - 20kHz (the valid range)
Package includes :  

1 x FG-100 DDS Function Signal Generator
1 x USB power adapter cable
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