Car Fog Light Vinyl Film Sticker Smoke Flash Point Headlight Taillight

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Auto Smoke Fog Light Car Flash Point Headlight Taillight Sticker Vinyl Film

Durable superior performance
Excellent adhesiveness
A single good flatness
Good extension toughness
Dimensional stability is strong
The whole film coverage
Efficient filter performance
Corrosion resistant ability
Shading performance
Scratch repair
Weather resistance is outstanding
Effectively block the sun heat, reduce the spontaneous combustion hazards

Material: PVC
Dimension: 30cm*100cm
Light transmission rate: 70%
Solar Energy Rejected: 40-90%
UV protection rate: 50%
Visible Light Reflected: 30%

Methods of operation:
1.Please clean the lamp with water and make sure  remove all the   dust.
2.Please spout water in the form of fog  on the tail lamp.
3.Spout water in the form of fog  on the back of sticker.
4.Aim at the lamp before sticking the sticker.
5.Scrape the sticker from one side to the other side with  the scraper. please keep the bubbles  away. 
Please warm up the sticker with heating gun,in order  to developing the ductility of the sticker and sticking the  lamp better.
6.Finish sticking the tail lamp.
7.Cut off the excess part by a knife.
8.Cut off the excess part of the sticker carefully.

Don't use the plastic scraper shave the stickers or the light films directly, 
because the plastic scraper is so rough that maybe will ruin the stickers. 
Please wrap the plastic scraper in a towel before shaving the stickers.

Package Included:
1 X Car Sticker