ROSWHEEL Bike Quick Release Buckle Bicycle Saddle Bag+Rain Cover

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ROSWHEEL Quick Release Buckle Bike Shelf Package Bicycle Saddle Bag+Rain Cover
Item description: Quick Release Buckle Bike Shelf Package
Brand:  RoswHEEL
Model: 14224
Material:  1680D polyester
Color:  Black & Grey
Fixed:  quick release buckle
Net weight:  830 g
Size:  28 * 12 * 17 cm   4.5 L
Internal structure:  it contains Velcro interlayer, can adjust at will diaphragmatic layer position
Origin:  China
Combined with the length of the shelf for 42 meters
Shelf material: aluminum
Diameter: 6 mm
The main pocket for double zipper.
After 2 extremely pocket, 1 pocket, argyle
Velcro let the shelves and packages can be broken up
Cover with our mesh bag inside layer
With Velcro isolation layer, can adjust at every position
Piece of unloading for Taiwan's latest design, just turned the handle and can be easily adjusted.
Comes with two pairs of film, make the package firmly fixed on the vertical bar.
At the bottom of the two elastic, cocker spaniels items such as air cylinder
Package Included:
1 x  Bike Shelf Package
1 x  Mounting Bracket
1 x  Rain Cover