Kenda Bicycle Inner Tube 29*1.9/2.3 FV 48L MTB Road Bike Tire

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Brand: Kenda
Size: 29*1.9/2.3 FV 48L
Materials: fine butyl rubber
Weight: 240g
29 is the tyre's diameter, 1.9 is the width, 2.3 is the pump extend width.
29*1.9/2.3 FV 48L bicycle inner tyre
Butyl inner tyre has a quite good quality.
Save time. Once pumped, it will not need pump within six monthes under normal situation.
Save money. Kenda inner tyre has long service life. Air is not easy to leakage and it can increase the cover tyre life.
Kenda inner tire can matain the correct inner pressure, and reduce the excessive twists of the cover tyre.
Package Includes:
1 x bicycle inner tire