ATA Garage Roller SecuraCode Door Remote Control Mhz Transmitting

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ATA Garage Roller SecuraCode Door Remote Control PTX-4 433.92 Mhz Transmitting
Material: Plastic & Metal
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 pc
Competible with ATA PTX-4 / TX5 / Herculift Rolling Code
High Secure advanced rolling code encoding technology.
433.92 Mhz transmitting frequency
30 seconds easy programming
1. Press and hold SW1 (for relay 1) or SW2 (for relay2) on the receiver board
2. Press the transmitter button you would like to use to controll the device for 2 seconds
3. Release the transmitter button and pause for two seconds. Press the same button again for 2 seconds.
4. Release SW button.
5. Press the transmitter button to test operation.
ATA Garage Door Opener Compatibility List:
AII ATA 433.92 MHZ Door Motors
ATA GDO-2 v5, v6, v7 SecuraLift Overhead Garage Door Motor
ATA GDO-6 v2 Slim Drive Easy Roller Roll Up Garage Door Motor
ATA GDO-7 v1, v2 SecuarLift II Overgead Garage Door Motor
ATA-8 v1, v2 Easyroller II Roll Up Garage Door Motor
ATA GDO-9 v1 Garage Door Motor
IMPORTANT : This Remote is not compatible with B&D Roller Doors
NOTE : This remote control is not competible with latest ATA Garage Door Motors which use TrioCode frequencies.
Package Included: 
1 X Garage Door Remote Control