1GB DDR 400 PC3200 Non-ECC Low Density Desktop Computer DIMM Memory RAM 184 pins

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Capacity: 1GB
Pins: 184-Pin
Form Factor: DIMM
Speed: PC3200 400MHz (AMD 333/266MHz compatible)
Technology:DDR RAM Non-ECC Low Density
Compatible with only:
VIA Chipset:
K7:KT400, KT400A, KT600, KT880, KM400, KN400
K8:K8T800, K8M400 ,K8T800Pro,K8M800,K8N800, K8T890,K8T890Pro
P4:P4X400, P4X400A, PT800, PT880, PM800, PM880, PT880Pro, PT894 ,P4M800,P4T800,P4T880,P4T890etc.
SIS Chipset:
SiSM650,SiSM760,SiSM741,SiS655FX,SiS655,SiS651,SiS650GX,SiS648MX,SiS648FX, SiS648,SiS645DX,SiS650GL,SiS650,SiS645,SiS760,SiS755FX,
NF Chipset:nForce3/ nForce4,C51(DDR1),C61(DDR1)(GEFORCE 6100-NFOROE 410/430)
ATI Chipset: RS480, RS482
ULI Chipset: M1689,M1695
Not Compatible with:
GA-8IPE1000 and GA-8IPE1000
All MSI, ASUS,  ASRock Motherboards, Packard Bell
NF2,KM266,KT266,P4X266,PM266,KT333,P4X333,SIS735 Northbridge Chipset Motherboard
IBM ,Apple ,Dell,Hp,Compaq,Asus ,Fujitsu and All Intel 845,848,865,915  Northbridge Chipset and Motherboard
Package Included: 
1x  1GB PC3200 SDRAM Desktop Memory Ram