GU10 3W AC 220V 3 LEDs Red/Yellow/Blue/Green LED Spot Light Bulbs

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Base Type:GU10
Rated voltage: 220V AC
Power: 3W
Light Color: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green
Lumen: 90lm/led
Led Quantity.: 3
Beam angle: 90°
Material: Made of Aluminum alloy
Dimension: 58mm x 48.9mm (H x D)

Efficient, Security, Energy-saving
LED has the characteristics of high luminousness: it is 5-10 times of the incandescent bulb;
Green and environment-protecting: whose wasting can be recycled and leave no pollution.

It can be used broadly in illuminating indoors and decorations inside and outside, which is an ideal light source for houses, shops, restaurants, disco, night club, showrooms, tea houses, the building outside, cinemas, wall pillars and gardens etc.

1. To be safe when installing and changing lamp, disconnect the electricity first.
2.  It can not be used to dim the light source.
3.  It has to be used in rated voltage.

Package Included:
1 x GU10 LED Light Bulb