1Pair XT30 2mm Golden Male Female Non-slip Plug Interface Connector

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1Pair XT30 2mm Golden Male Female Non-slip Plug Interface Connector


Body Material: copper (gold plated)
Insulator Material: Nylon
Model: XT30
Type: Male connector, Female connector
Quantity: 1pairs
Applicable wire specifications: 16-20AWG
For Vehicle Type: Helicopter, Quadcopter, Airplane, Helicopter
Weight: 3g


1. Make of copper (gold plated) and nylon materials, safe and dependable.
2. Sheathing tail concave design so that heat-shrinkable tube can be inserted deeper, to protect joints from moisture damage.
3. Closely mold processing, connection tightness, good sealing performance.
4. Semicircular opening, can be easily welded.
5. Clearly marked positive and negative symbols.
6. Slip-swappable design, plug are more easier.
7. Polarized connector connection up to 40A.
8. For cables up to 2.0 mm².
9. High temperature flame retardant nylon material, the fire will not melt at high temperatures and strong currents, encountered fire difficult to burn, turn off automatically after leaving the fire source.
10. Resistance to current 20A (continuous), 30A (peak), suitable for the needs plugs and relatively small size and light weight of the occasion. For example, 250 helicopters, small current car, boat molds.

Note: The female side of battery; male end is ESCs, chargers use.

Package Included:

1x male connector
1x female connector