Aero Flat Front Window Windscreedn Wiper Blades For Audi A3 BMW 3

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Aero Flat Front Window Windscreen Wiper Blades For Audi A3 BMW 3

Quality wiper baldes guranteed to fit your vehicle .
Improved wiping performance at high speeds.
Natural rubber insures maximum performance.
Reducing noises for silent wiping .
Improved performance for crystal clear windscreen .
Material: plastic and rubber
Driver side : 24"
Passenger side : 19"
Fitment :
Audi  A3  2003-2012
BMW  3 Series  2005-2014
BMW  X5  2007-2012
Skoda Octavia  2004-2012
VW Caddy  2004-2007
VW Golf  2003-2009
VW Jetta  2005-2006
Note :
Please see picture , make sure it is the same as your current wiper on the car .
Package Included:
1 X Flat Wiper Blades